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akame!omgjinlookedatkameit'slove-ing, akira shock-ing, b pluses, being artistic, camwhoring at odd angles, chipmunk voices, copying jeauexe =p, da-gang-tun-ity, finger dieting, foolishly foolish fool-dom, h!s!acronyms for-the-lose, howl's a slitherer-outer, incoherency, it's fawesome, it's so...objectionable!, je fangirling breaking ice, je-squeal-ness on public ferries, jingrish, junno's yukanclub!hair, karoake je pimpage, keyboardbashity, kon-ing wherever possible, life-eating-via-fandom, maru being a tree, much bubbliness, ninja banana infiltration, not-so-sekkritly spazzing over suju, objection-ing, pi's pitch of kon, pimping, pin's handshaking, pretending i'm double jointed, pretending to bite people, reading pimp posts, s.i.n and e.v.i.l.l, school mornings suck, sekkritly liking pin, sheeyoopah jyooneuhh, shinies, spasmodic commenting, spellingerror!red underlines on word, typing 'maru' as 'mary', wallowing in teenage angst, watching people get confused, whut-ing

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